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We Give EXPERIENCES; not things

About Us

If you are a serious driver and looking for a platform to practice your driving skills, you can turn to our centre at Clutch Kick.

We provide a realistic and intense racing simulator experience that helps you learn real world skills of a racing driver.

More than Racing

Clutch Kick - racing simulation centre has everything that will take you to the next level! Whether you are a beginner or a professional driver, our mission is to provide the ultimate simulated racing platform and virtual reality to all car enthusiasts

Realistic Sim Racing

Experience the art of driving at a professional level. Our high-quality Motion cockpits  will change your perception of race simulation and virtual reality.

Open For Everyone

No experience is required when you want to try sim racing! You can start at the level that suits your current driving skills. We have experts to help guide your experience and help train to exceed your driving skills.

Virtual Reality

Our team is committed to constantly improving programs, devices, and technologies relating to simulated racing experiences.

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