Trak Racer Seat Belt


Give an ultimate finish to your Racing Simulator Rigs with the highly adjustable & lightweight TR Seat Belt.

Experience racing realism!


Trak Racer Seat Belt

TRAK RACER Seat Belt [Colour: Black]


At Trak Racer, providing the highest quality, and aesthetic products is a priority of ours. We are proud to announce our NEW Trak Racer Seatbelt Harness in black and red.

The Trak Racer Seatbelt Harnesses are the ultimate finishing touch to complete your Simulator Rig experience.
Featuring a 2’’ strap width to achieve a better fit, extra cushion padding for the best comfort, and an adjustable lightweight buckle to secure you in for your ultimate races.

Strap in and get racing!

*For simulator use only.


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