Trak Racer Dual-Lock Seat Slider Kit


Slide your racing chair forward and back like in a real car, with the double locking Trak Racer Seat Slider!  Ideal for those who want to race with friends and/or family, because you can easily change the distance to the wheel and pedals with this Seat Slider, so that players of all sizes can use the same chair.

Getting in and out of the racing seat is also easier when you create more room by sliding back. You don’t have to leave the chair to adjust its position.


Trak Racer Dual-Lock Seat Slider Kit

Quick Adjustment Slider

Trak Racer Dual-Lock Seat Slider Kit


Premium Sliding Seat Runner Kit

Trak Racer Chassis mounted seat sliders bolt directly onto the 80mm x 40mm seat premium aluminium seat supports. Each kit includes a pair of runners for one seat, the lift up activation lever and kit of fasteners.

Multi-brand applications for various seat brands, including Trak Racer, Cobra, OMP, Sparco and Corbeau seats to name a few. The measurement between each rail is approximately 32cm.

  • High-end steel construction
  • Supplied as a kit for one seat with fittings
  • Suitable for most base mounted type seats and seat brackets
  • Enables seats to be easily adjusted laterally



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