TM Racing Clamp PC / Playstation® 3 / Xbox® / PlayStation®4


The TM Racing Clamp is a rock-solid table clamp that allows sim racers to firmly mount their TSS Handbrake and TH8A shifter, directly on a table/desk without the need for a cockpit.


TM Racing Clamp

Rock-solid table TM Racing Clamp

Solid structure (100% metal). A solid stand for Thrustmaster add-ons, enhancing ergonomics and immersion while driving.

TM Racing Clamp

Robust, secure and firm attachment system

Simple attachment system via two tightening screws.

TM Racing Clamp

TM Racing Clamp is Adjustable for many different setups

Add-ons and the clamp are adjustable in height, incline, position and depth.

TM Racing Clamp

picto feature

Designed for desks/tables from 0.6” to 2” (15 to 50mm) thick

TM Racing Clamp

Compatible on both left and right sides


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