Next Level GTpro V2 Racing Simulator Cockpit Chair


The Gtpro and GTxtreme cockpit series are known to be Australia’s best value cockpits with thousands of happy customers using them since 2010. The difference between the 2 cockpits is the style of seat with the Gtxtreme having more racing bucket style seat.


 GTpro V2 Racing Simulator Cockpit Chair

Compatible and predrilled for Logitech®, Thrustmaster® and Fanatec® wheels including screws to hardmount.

The included gear shifter support comes ready to mount your gear shifter and provides adjustment for you to find the perfect driving position.

The Gtpro and GTxreme racing seats are very comfortable for different size users for long hours of driving. It supports users up to 130kg which means it’s a great cockpit to be able to enjoy with different sized family and friends.

The reclining feature on the seat GTpro V2 is great to find your perfect and comfortable seating position. The seat sliders are included with the seat so you can quickly move.

The Gtpro and GTxtreme cockpits have adjustable wheel, shifter and seat positions allowing you to have the wheel closer or further from you with height adjustment.

Combined with a reclining and sliding seat you can replicate a real race car driving position, GTpro V2 Racing Simulator Cockpit Chair has Gear shifter support, reclining and sliding seat, Buttkicker Gamer 2® adaptor and hardware to attach your electronics are all included with the GTpro V2 cockpit.


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