The Ultimate Driving Simulation Experience

Clutch Kick is a racing simulation centre that offers a racing experience for all types of drivers. At our facility, we have advanced equipment that are sure to provide you with a realistic and immersive driving experience.

Why Virtual Reality Racing?

In this time where people have limited time to enjoy a hobby, we provide a convenient alternative solution. Through racing simulators or virtual reality equipment, you can experience what it is like to race or drive on the track without even going there! This innovation offers an opportunity for enthusiasts and professionals to continue and hone their passion.

Catering for Events

Let us make your event a memorable and engaging one with a racing simulator. Our packages are perfect for team buildings or birthday parties. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Contact Us

Visit us at our venue at the Merrylands Stockland Mall in Merrylands, NSW. Feel free to get in touch with our team of car enthusiasts if you are interested in booking our service. We look forward to bringing our adrenaline-infused racing simulators to your events!


Where people with a passion for racing come to trial our set-ups and racing simulated experience. There are four main options to experience, triple screen simulation, triple screen and motion, virtual reality and virtual reality and motion.  We use state of the art programs in conjunction with high quality cock-pits to give our customers the best driving experience possible.

Training Sessions

At Clutch Kick we are passionate and willing to help people learn how to become a professional driver. You can select whether you would like to become and expert in Formula 1, Drifting, Rally or Speed racing and our team will set up a series of session where they will teach you the fundamental tricks of driving to better your skills and exceed your own expectations. We also can help people who are nervous about driving in general overcome their fears. the owner is an experienced drifter, racer and long-time enthusiasts of cars and driving.

Purchase and Assemblage

You can also own your own cock-pit. At Clutch Kick we also specialise in creating a custom designed package to suit your driving needs. The business owner can tailor a package and have all parts efficiently sent to the selected location. And have this experience custom built by the business owner on your premises. This is the ultimate experience and will give you incentive to continue to practice and be the best driver you can be.